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  1. Eliminates risk of foot injury
  2. Major noise reduction
  3. Requires less effort when cocking
  4. Incorporated BrushProof broadhead guard

This 2 in 1 stirrup can be added to all Excalibur crossbows. It is the first and only major innovation in the last 1 000 years that favors safety when using a crossbow. As incredible as it may seem, every other crossbow stirrup is based on a similar design to the one used in the Middle Ages !



  • Matte black tactical


  • Polymer reinforced with fibers


  • Anti-rust surface covered with zinc


  • more than 1 000 pounds of traction


  • Width of the “T Bar” : 10 inches
  • Diameter of the guard’s opening : 1 1/2 inch ID
    (Maximum fixed broadhead dia.: 1 1/4 inch)
  • Width of the arrow path slot: 1/2 inch

Total weight

  • Adds only 9 ounces to the crossbow’s weight

dBKiller silencers included

  • Eliminates foot injury

    The strategic setting of the T-shaped stirrup makes it impossible for the hunter to injure their foot when manually uncocking the crossbow. Previously this could happen if the hunter forgot to take out the arrow before uncocking. Unfortunately, if dry firing is possible, there is also a possibility to forget to take out the arrow when uncocking.

  • Place arrows on the crossbow easily

    The broadhead guard has a slotted opening at the top to allow easy placement for arrows with a field point head as well as arrows with a broadhead.

  • Compatible with wild turkey broadheads

    The T-shaped stirrup is no longer in the arrow’s trajectory making it possible to use big diameter broadheads for wild turkey hunting. Simply use an arrow of the appropriate length to place the broadhead just past the front end of the guard.

  • Overall pressure is distributed to both feet

    Because crossbows are becoming more and more powerful, it is increasingly difficult to cock the crossbow with only one foot. The T-shaped stirrup guarantees your feet remain on the ground at all times. Moreover, the diamond shaped, antiskid surface ensures boots do not slide out while cocking.

  • Sniper support

    The T-shaped stirrup can be used as a sniper support for precision shooting over long distances.

  • An invention tested and manufactured in North America

    DrStirrup was created by a North American hunter to insure a safe, dependable and long-lasting product. Raw material is North American, just like the design and fabrication.

  • Easily keep your crossbow standing in an upright position

    Simply place one foot on one side of the T-shaped stirrup so your hands are free to call game or to put the rope cocker aid in place. Moreover, when you put the crossbow on the ground, it is automatically stabilized so that the crossbow’s limbs and arrows do not touch soil debris.

  • Safety inspection slot

    The broadhead guard has an opening to check if a broadhead is in place. This is a very practical feature to be sure a retractable broadhead, for example, is not deployed before shooting. Because the broadhead is inside the guard, the hunter has almost no risk of injury from the sharp blades.

  • Cocking requires less effort

    The T-bar shaped stirrup enables the cocking of the crossbow at the center of the body with both legs using full-body force, regardless if you are in a standing or sitting position. This decreases vertical arm movement by as many as 3 inches when cocking the crossbow. The T-shaped stirrup decreases the total length of the crossbow by 1.5 inches on the Matrix series and older models.

  • Significant noise reduction

    The highly resistant and lightweight composite stirrup offering dBKiller noise-reducing technology significantly reduces noise. Contrary to aluminum, composite materials are very poor noise conductors.

  • Compatibility without modification

    The DrStirrup stirrup can be added to all Excalibur crossbows without changing the crossbow’s structure or strength. In fact, the DrStirrup stirrup increases the overall structural strength of the crossbow since it links the riser to the barrel of the crossbow.

  • DrStirrup has many patents pending

  • Why is the DrStirrup made from polymer materials?

    Plastic products are great acoustic insulators. This feature greatly influenced our choice of material. Keeping it lightweight was also a very important factor, just as speed of fabrication was.

  • Where is the DrStirrup manufactured?

    The raw materials come from the United States, and the product is 100% made in Canada. North American products are safe, durable and reliable. We believe that North America is the best place in the world to manufacture plastic products. And as a bonus, we keep our jobs here!

  • Is the DrStirrup stirrup compatible with all Excalibur crossbows?

    DrStirrup has a stirrup ready to bolt on all Excalibur crossbows. Just choose the right model for your Excalibur crossbow.

  • Will a DrStirrup kit be produced for brands other than Excalibur?

    As a designer and inventor, safety and efficiency is what motivates us the most to keep improving existing products. For example, some crossbow models make it impossible to put a pack boot in the stirrup’s opening, while others leave the arrow tip exposed. These are great reasons to produce stirrups for the most popular crossbow brands. However choice of brands is yet to be determined.

  • Is the DrStirrup’s guard designed to protect all broadheads?

    The broadhead guard of the DrStirrup is designed to fit all Excalibur crossbows. However, one cannot make a unique model to fit all broadheads; there are more than 200 different designs of fixed and retractable broadheads on the market. It would thus be impossible for the broadheads to be always located in the middle of the guard and contained within the guard without exceeding it.

  • So, what can I do to resolve this problem?

    Ideally, the broadhead must never exceed the front of the guard. The simplest solution to this problem is to cut your arrows to the right length so that broadheads do not exceed the guard.

  • Can I use my stirrup as a support to leave my crossbow in a standing position?

    Even if it seems like an Excalibur crossbow equipped with the DrStirrup can stand using only the stirrup, never leave the crossbow standing by itself. The lightest wind or uneven ground could make the crossbow fall over. However, if you keep pressure with one foot on one side of the T-Bar, the crossbow will remain firmly in a standing position. This enables you to, for example, free your hands to poke through your hunting bag, call game or put on or take off clothing.

  • Because of my waist size, I can hardly reach the handles of my cocking aid to cock my crossbow. What is the solution?

    The T-shaped stirrup is designed to enable hunters to hold the crossbow at the center of their body, which makes it possible for them to use full-body force. However, this configuration causes problems for people with a larger waist size. This is the most frequent complaint I receive regarding the DrStirrup. ,The only option For them is to cock the crossbow in a sitting position. The stirrup’s T-shaped support bars are equipped with diamond shaped antiskid material, which makes cocking the crossbow in a sitting position very safe and easy. In addition, many women have told me they were more comfortable cocking the crossbow while sitting.

  • With this stirrup model, can I cock my crossbow when in my tree-stand?

    Though it is possible to cock a crossbow in a tree-stand, it is much safer to do it at ground level. Therefore, I do not recommend cocking the crossbow in your tree-stand even if equipped with the DrStirrup. Once you are in your tree-stand, never leave your crossbow unguarded in the standing position; there is a high risk it could fall from the tree.

  • How can I be sure the DrStirrup is durable?

    At DrStirrup, safety is our number 1 priority. Each piece is produced according to the highest production standards. For example, at every 300 pieces produced, the manufacturer undertakes computer-aided destruction tests.

  • My crossbow fell from my tree stand. What should I do?

    Even if the stirrup is designed to resist more than 1,000 pounds of traction, a violent shock could break it. A DrStirrup that experienced a violent shock must be carefully examined and replaced if cracked.