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  1. The only cocking aid with 2 pulleys per hook
  2. Shortens the up stroke run when cocking
  3. Large ergonomic antiskid handles for accurate cocking, every time

The 4x4Kocker is ” THE ONLY 4 x 4 ” rope cocking aid. With 4 pulleys and handles 4 inches long, you will cock your crossbow easier and more accurately, thanks to this redesigned and innovative cocking aid. It is the only rope cocking aid with ergonomic handles and heavy duty hooks with two pulleys.

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  • Color: Matte black tactical
  • Material: fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Antiskid and ergonomic design
  • Dimensions: 4 inches long


  • Color: Neon orange
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Diameter: 3/16 of an inch
  • Length: 48 inches
  • 600 pound test


  • Color: Matte black tactical
  • Material: fiber-reinforced polymer
  • 2 Acetal friction free pulleys per hook mounted on 3/16″ solid steel rivet axles
  • Breaking point: 600 pounds per hook

4x4 kocker

  • Shortening the run

    The vertical up stroke run is shortened by a guaranteed 5 inches when cocking the crossbow. Combined with the DrStirrup, the 4x4Kocker enables you to shorten your run by a total of 8 inches. Also, the handles are positioned higher on the hooks, which decreases the distance between the handles and the user. You have the option to shorten the vertical up stroke run even more by sitting the crossbow string in the hooks on the pulleys higher than the resting position before you start the cocking movement.

  • Polyester rope

    The neon orange color was chosen so that the 4x4Kocker cocking aid is highly visible when looking in your hunting bag or if you are unlucky and lose it in the woods.

  • North American product

    The 4x4Kocker cocking aid device is a patent pending product made in Canada with USA raw material:  the only way to keep quality control.

  • Ergonomic handles

    Antiskid handles are designed to use 4 fingers instead of 2, increasing the tensile power as well. The pressure on the fingers is also reduced ; as opposed to T-shaped handles, handles combined with the 4x4Kocker cocking aid do not create discomfort between fingers.

  • Innovative hooks

    The reinforced hooks have a deep opening to reduce the risk of missed hangings. The hooks also have a pulley where the crossbow string sits, which guarantees perfect alignment while cocking. Pulleys at crossbow string level eliminate the friction on the hooks. Cocking is smooth, thanks to 2 pulleys per hook. Antifriction Acetal pulleys are mounted on 3/16″ solid steel rivet axles.

  • Is the 4x4Kocker more resistant than others rope cockers on the market ?

    The number one goal in inventing this new rope cocking aid was to build the most resistant cocking aid on the market. The safety of the user was my number one priority. So my goal was to build a rope cocking aid at least 2 times stronger than the best one on the market. And I succeeded. No more hooks failing to do the job or breaking when cocking your crossbow. The only way to succeed is, first of all, to manufacture it with North American polymer raw materials. Components of a rope cocking aid must be very strong, otherwise it would be extremely dangerous for the user if a component breaks under pressure.

  • It is a good thing to use resistant materials, but what makes the 4x4Kocker stronger ?

    4x4Kocker’s hooks are a lot more beefy than others on the market and the polymer composite is filled with fiberglass. Also supplementary material was added in strategic spots, namely those suffering from higher pressure.

  • Why is 4x4Kocker designed with 4-inch handles ?

    We are born with 4 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand, so there is no reason to use only 2 fingers to cock a crossbow ! The handle design is ergonomic and eliminates almost 100% of the risk of handle slipping between fingers by using 4 fingers instead of 2 while cocking.

  • Does having 2 pulleys per hook (patents pending) decrease the effort required to cock the crossbow ?

    Like other cocking aids on the market, the 4x4Kocker cocking aid system reduces the effort by 50% when cocking a crossbow. However, you will instantly notice that the 4x4Kocker is a lot smoother than others on the market. The main quality of the 2-pulley hook is that it guarantees accuracy every time you cock your crossbow. The string, when being pulled and guided by pulleys, has no other option than to be perfectly centered when cocking ; even if the shooter does not pull the handles equally on both sides. In other words, the 2 pulley design always eliminates mistakes made during cocking. There is no more friction of the hooks against the string that could offset the shot. The string smoothly self-centers every time : this is not only a simple system, but also a foolproof system (patents pending).

  • Does the 4x4Kocker reduce the vertical up stroke required to cock the crossbow ?

    Yes, it does! Most cocking aids on the market have T-shaped handles. With the T-shaped design, I discovered that the handles have to move up at least one inch before the string of the crossbow starts to move, that loss of one inch at the bottom translates to 2 inches at the top. Also, by having handles without T-shaped design, you now have the option to keep the rope of the cocker near the palm of the hand instead of at the tip of the fingers. By having rope deeper between fingers, you gain at least 1 1/2 inch at the bottom; this translates to 3 inches at the top. The patents pending design of the 4x4Kocker shortens the stroke by at least 5 inches. THAT’S HUGE ! It’s normal now to complete the cocking action with hands at waist level instead of chest level when you cock an Excalibur crossbow equipped with DrStirrup and the 4x4Kocker.

  • Why is the 4x4Kocker more expensive than others ?

    The main reasons are the addition of 2 friction free Acetal pulleys and larger handles. Also, in order to get stronger hooks, it was inevitable to substantially increase the amount of reinforced material in the hooks’ design. Furthermore, the material used for all components is of superior quality and comes from USA and Canada so I have full control of the quality of the final product.

  • Will DrStirrup market a 4x4Kocker crank cocking aid ?

    No, and the main reason is that all crank cocking aids on the market are specifically designed by companies to fit on their own crossbow models. That said, you can buy a 4x4Kocker and easily install the 2 hooks on your crank cocking aid. You will then get perfect cocking accuracy every time from your crossbow.

  • What guarantees do I have that the 4x4Kocker will meet my needs ?

    The 4x4Kocker has so much to offer compared to other’s rope cocking aids on the market. For example: shortened length for up stroke, smooth action, heavy duty hooks, ergonomic handles and infallible centering of the string when cocking. NO OTHER KIT ON THE MARKET COMES CLOSE TO THESE FEATURES ! The vast majority of my testers keep their OEM rope cocker in their hunting bag as backup and the 4x4Kocker is now their rope cocker of choice.

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    Crossbow users have several options available to them when it comes time to cock their crossbow. Rope cockers have become the most popular device to accomplish this. Little has changed in their design until DrStirrup went to work to develop a better rope cocking device for today’s high performance bows. Crossbow Magazine feels that this device deserves a permanent place in you backpack. Everything about the 4x4Kocker is well thought out and robust. The handles are larger for a sure grip and the 48 inch neon orange polyester rope is rated to #600. Four pulleys, instead of the typical two, are securely attached to the reinforced hooks to ease the cocking stroke. The DrStirrup 4x4Kocker is the best rope coking device on the market.

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