Benefit from a complete line of safe,
high-performance products for hunting
and leisure shooting.
Designed and manufactured by
a Canadian hunter for North
American hunters.
DrStirrup accessories ease
crossbow handling, cocking
action & transportation.

The stirrup revolution

Manipulate your crossbow with ease thanks to DrStirrup : a light, strong and versatile stirrup. It adjusts to all Excalibur crossbows, including previous generations with large limbs.

4x4 Cocker Rope Cocker


The 4x4Kocker is " THE ONLY 4 x 4 " rope cocking aid. With 4 pulleys and handles 4 inches long, you will cock your crossbow easier and more accurately, thanks to this redesigned and innovative cocking aid. It is the only rope cocking aid with ergonomic handles and heavy duty hooks with two pulleys. Try it now !

Crossbow dbkiller image

dBKiller Silencers
A new generation of noise killer

A new generation of noise-reduction products is here. DrStirrup's dBKiller is revolutionizing noise reduction in the world of archery. Add dBkiller to your crossbow limbs and see how they reduce the noise and vibrations ! As for dBKiller Bumpers, they are the perfect shock absorbers to protect your string and reduce limb oscillation and vibrations.


What they have to say about our products

Crossbow Magazine approvedCrossbow users have several options available to them when it comes time to cock their crossbow. Rope cockers have become the most popular device to accomplish this. Little has changed in their design until DrStirrup went to work to develop a better rope cocking device for today’s high performance bows. Crossbow Magazine feels that this device deserves a permanent place in you backpack. Everything about the 4x4Kocker is well thought out and robust. The handles are larger for a sure grip and the 48 inch neon orange polyester rope is rated to #600. Four pulleys, instead of the typical two, are securely attached to the reinforced hooks to ease the cocking stroke. The DrStirrup  4x4Kocker is the best rope coking device on the market.

– Crossbow Magazine

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